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Monday, May 30, 2011

WonderBit LifePhotoMaker Pro v1.70.0.26

WonderBit LifePhotoMaker Pro v1.70.0.26 | 5.3 MB
LifePhotoMaker brings your digital photos to life by letting you easily add water, weather, and sound effects. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can animate your photos in just a few steps. No graphic design skills required!
Beautiful Visual Effects
Add water, snow, or rain effects to your vacation photos, and transform them into beautiful and realistic animated scenes.
Soothing Sound Effects
Add the soothing sounds of a waterfall, water stream, birds chirping, or any other audio you like to your photos.
Intuitive and User Friendly
LifePhotoMaker's user interface is very intuitive. You can produce gorgeous animated effortlessly in a few quick steps.
Share With Loved Ones
Build your creations into several formats including screensavers or videos, so you can share them with your loved ones easily.
LifePhotoMaker Key Features
User-friendly interface
We dedicated quite a bit of time enhancing LifePhotoMaker's user interface so you can produce beautiful animated scenes as easily as possible.
Well, don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!
Add water effects to your photos
Your vacation photos of waterfalls, lakes, or the beach will spring to life when you add water effects to them.
The water effects have been re-created with accurate action, so water ripple, waterfall, and waves look and behave just like they do in real life.
Moreover, water effects can also be applied to simulate other moving effects such as fog, smoke, fire, or even rustling leaves.
Add snow or rain effects to your photos
Incorporating weather effects, such as falling rain or snow, is a snap! With a single mouse click, raindrops or snowflakes start pouring in your photo.
You can customize the intensity of the raindrops or snowflakes, the wind direction, the falling speed, as well as their appearance by changing the transparency and size to make ithe effect realistic and relevant to your photos.
Add environmental sound effects
Visual effects alone are not enough; add soothing sound effects to your photos!
LifePhotoMaker lets you add the sound of a waterfall, river stream, birds chirping, or any other sounds you like.
Multiple formats output
Enjoy the result of your work in several formats. LifePhotoMaker lets you produce animated photos as screensavers, executables, videos, and animated gifs so you can share them with friends.
User-friendly interface.
The effect of water.
Effect snow.
Effect of rain.
Sound effects.
Enjoy the results in various formats.
Use up to 6 different water effects in one image.
Pre-installation of water effects, such as waterfall, lake, sea, river, etc.
Customizable effects of water for your own personal creativity.
Adding up to 8 sound effects to a single image.
Adding background music to create a screensaver or executable file.

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