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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Portable Application Launcher 3.1.5

Application Launcher is organizes shortcuts into groups and categories and can be accessed via the system tray. It is capable of automatically installing and adding PortableApp's PAF-format files, as well as many entries that do not require Universal Extractor here on PortableFreeware. It also includes several extras not included in other launcher programs including a "most-used apps" menu, RSS reader, timer, drive usage meter, and more.

•application tree view
•optional docs tab displays a documents folder
•optionally multiple pages can be used to maintain multiple application trees
•modules: notes, coundown, counter, drive info
•Drag&Drop files from windows explorer
•Integrated browser
•PAF File installation
•run as single instance
•terminate process
•Exit button closes opened programs
•optional integration of EjectUSB (configure EjectUSB.ini carefully!)
•tray icon
•snap to the edge of the screen
•stay on top
•Display most used apps by right clicking the apps button
•hide 64bit application in a 32bit environment
•hide programs for private use at work

WinApp | Portable Application Launcher 3.1.5 | 10.43 MB

Download :
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