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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cFosSpeed 6.61 Beta x64 + Skins

cFosSpeed ​​- the fastest to date, the German network driver to break through broadband technology Traffic Shaping. Optimizes DSL, cable and modem lines, ISDN, mobile and peer (P2P) networks, operation of online games, VoIP and streaming media. Works with virtually any equipment and almost all over the world. cFosSpeed ​​will allow you to have a super-fast internet surfing and reduce download time and response. Especially enjoys high esteem among fans of online games, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video.

Prioritization of traffic (Traffic Shaping) is best seen for
- Broadband connections: DSL, Cable
- Dial-up connection: modem, ISDN
- Mobile
- Faylobmen (P2P)
- Games
- Streaming Media, VoIP
- Features
- Reduced delays (ping)
- Prioritization of Programs
- Prioritising protocols
- Resources (Budgets) Online
- Firewall (Firewall)

What's new?
* New feature
+ Improvement
! Software change requires modification of your configuration
x Bugfix
- Information only

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